The System


  • What is the Wundershine system?

    The Wundershine system consists of smart picture frames, a mobile app and cardboard storage boxes. It is a complete solution for curating, showcasing and keeping your favorite pictures and art.


  • What are the benefits of the Wundershine system?

    The system makes it extremely easy to frame new pictures regularly. No need to take frames of the wall and mess around with rulers, calculators, paper cutters, metal clips, etc.


    Great photos finally get their moment in the sun. They will no longer be shared once and then lost between thousands of flat pictures, screenshots and blurry selfies on different devices and forgotten online services.


    The standardized system will make prints fit perfectly. All it takes is loading a sheet at the top of the frame and the advanced mechatronics system will make sure that the photo is printed (in the case of the Makerframe), and transported automatically to the exact correct position behind the passe-partout (mount).


    When you are out and about, and you take a great digital photo, or one is shared with you, and you feel that it deserves to be featured on your wall at home, it will no longer stay a fading intention. All you need to do at that time is add it to your Wundershine queue with a few taps on the app and it will be available later when you are ready to frame.


    With a Wundershine system, you can keep your wall décor fresh like a feed. Imagine walking around your home (re) framing new pictures in seconds, having fun experimenting, reliving moments, creating a special gallery for your dinner guests or showing off the masterpiece that you made with the latest creative app.


    While curating your Wundershine queue and framing different pictures over time, you automatically create a valuable, tangible archive with just your favorite images. Even when something unfortunate happens to your prints, you can revert to your full image queue history that is saved as a backup in the Wundershine system by default.


  • What is wrong with alternative solutions?

    A recent market survey revealed that peopleᅠhave an average of 6.3 items waiting to be framed. The need for picture framing is universal, but it can be frustrating and complicated. Most people frame much less than they would want.


    Framing a new picture in a traditional picture frame is a lot of work, especially with larger frames with passe-partout (mount). You need to plan a size for the print, the passe-partout and the frame, then you need to get a print and start removing metal clips, calculating, measuring, cutting, taping, avoiding mistakes, etc..


    If you use a home printer to get the print, we all know that it is always a pain to get the settings right with margins, quality, alignment, etc. Printer ink is messy and expensive, and in the end there is always one color that is running out..


    Bottom line: it takes ages.


    It is off course possible to order a complete professionally framed picture from a digital file, but that is costly, and it will be very difficult to use the frame for a new picture later.


    What about digital picture frames?


    Surely they can show fresh pictures easily, but the LCD displays are usually small or very expensive and they scream for attention too much. Most of them are made from plastic and they suck power just to show an image. Worst of all, they need a power cord. This sticks out like a sore thumb if you hang it on a wall, completely destroying its value as a decorative item.


  • How do I install the system?

    The frames can be hung on the wall using the metal wire on the back of the frames. There is no power cord to worry about. The setup procedure for the wireless networking of the makerframe will be simple and is work in progress.


  • Can I use the Wundershine system without a smartphone?

    Not at launch time. We will update the web app in the future so that it will allow users to order prints online or initiate printing on a Makerframe.


  • Is the design of the system final?

    No. In all likelyhood there will be changes. We do expect them to be minor though.


  • Can I manage a system for a someone else?

    Yes, this is possible. You can for example give a frame to a family member as a present and curate a separate queue for her with fresh family pictures. The Wundershine app will allow for logging in with multiple accounts including alternative shipping addresses for blank sheets and online prints.


    For the Makerframe, we aim for remote print initiation. This means for example, that you can tell your mother over the phone to load a blank sheet in her Makerframe, and when she does, a new photo of her grandchildren is framed automatically. We have not yet determined if the remote initiation will be available at launch.


The Frames

  • How big are the frames?

    The Makerframe and Reframe have the exact same size. The graphic below shows the measurements in millimeter.

  • Do I ever need to take a Wundershine frame of the wall?

    No. Never. Not for (re)framing and not for charging the battery.


  • Do the frames have a power cord?


  • What is the battery life of the frames?

    A battery charge of a Makerframe can power around 50 prints. This means around 2 years  with an average of 2 prints per month. The Reframe can reframe around 200 times before the battery needs to be recharged.


  • What is the difference between the Makerframe and the Reframe?

    The Reframe has the same size, materials and automatic transport mechanism as the Makerframe, but no printing or networking.


  • Can I build a system with only Reframes?

    Yes. The only thing that will be missing is the Makerframe's ability to print instantly.


  • Can the Makerframe also reframe an existing print?

    Yes. A sensor in the Makerframe will recognise a non-blank sheet and transport the picture in display position automatically, rather than initiate printing.


  • What is the material and finish of the frames?

    The frames are made of eco-friendly oak wood and finished with whitewash or dark wood oil respectively for the white and black models.


  • What are the technical specifications?

    Work in progress.


  • What wireless technology is used?

    Wifi and Bluetooth hardware is built in the Makerframe. The exact networking software features and protocols are work in progress.

The Prints

  • What is the pricing of the online prints?

    The online prints (20 x20 cm) will be €/$ 2,00. Shipping is free with orders over €/$ 20,00.


  • What is the pricing of the thermal color printing sheets for the Makerframe?

    The thermal color printing paper is sold in packs of 10 sheets for €/$ 20,00. A three pack is €/$ 50,00.


  • How does thermal color printing work?

    The fundamental concept is simple, yet extraordinary:  Heat from the printer activates unique color-forming molecules embedded in the layers of ZINK Paper. Color emerges from the ZINK Paper creating a full-color print.


     ZINK Paper® is an advanced composite material composed of multiple layers of color-forming chemistry, including proprietary cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals. The multiple layers are coated as a thin "stack" onto a base layer. A polymer coating protects the layers from moisture, UV exposure, and fading. All the layers combined is less than the thickness of a human hair. ZINK Paper looks like regular white photo paper until heat activates the layers to create color.


  • What is the size of the prints?

    The printed sheets are 20 x 20 cm with a 5 mm white margin around the picture.


  • How do I order prints or blank sheets automatically?

    This can be managed in the app. Go to Account > Settings > Automatic ordering.


  • Can I use photos with different aspect ratios (e.g. portrait, landscape)?

    Yes. You can keep full portrait or landscape images, and / or use the intuitive pinch zoom tools in the app for cropping and resizing. Easy templates are available for (grid) collages. The Wundershine frames are square and system prints will always be square sheets with a white border, fitting all Wundershine frames perfectly.


The App

Shipping and Ordering


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